About Industria Design

"Fancy a drink?"
That’s always been our favourite question.

So many stories, projects and dreams are told by the bar, sipping a good cocktail and wondering about the future. And that's how, at the end of 2018, our story was born.
Industria Design, a brand that celebrates the union of two great passions: Caterina's inner search for the aesthetic beauty and Francesca's intimate love for the world of mixology and hospitality.
Our project brings together creativity and rigour, innovation and tradition, theory and practice, Victorian Age illustration and Digital Era.
It’s a story that starts from a mug and wish to create a sophisticated and versatile Art de la Table.

Why Victorian-Era Illustration?

In the 19th-century those illustrations were used as trade catalogs to present products to the public. Living in the Digital Era, we found very romantic the idea of choosing a product through a black and white illustration.

Why Enamel? 

Born more than five thousand years ago, the Enamel is a layer of ceramic mixed with glass and clay which covers and protects the metal mold. It was used in the past as an ornament for majolica and jewelry. From the 14th century, it becomes popular also in Europe, starting to be used for tableware and for design items.