Industria Design meets Cacho Products

In a city close to the "world's end" -fin del mundo- this Industrial Designer was born and guided from the beginning by her creativity.

Sol Donnini, born and raised in Patagonia, Argentina. I lived half of my life in a natural environment, surrounded by glaciers and its harmony, and the force of the winds blowing strongly.

At the age of 17, I found myself in a new city: Buenos Aires, "la ciudad que nunca duerme" (the city that never sleeps), a city with a huge cultural content. From then on, my head split into two parts: harmony vs chaos, nature vs concrete. My patagonic essence merged in a sea of ​​urban art, music and design. This new living experiences made my "inner beast" grow, making it constantly stimulated.

10 years later, the beast wanted even more... as soon as I became Product Designer, I left Argentina looking forward for more action. After travelling around a lot, my instinct brought me to Milan: BOOM! An explosion of different colors.

What does this city can give me?  What values ​​can I provide to this place? In the midst of these questions, Cacho was born, a brand of design products that emerged from a cultural mix, adding mood and irony to everyday life. Each object has its own story, a secret to discover.

One day I run into an Instagram post of a cool mug. I clicked on it and discovered Industria Design. It was the first time I found a brand with a similar spirit of mine, and two beautiful people who made me feel less foreign.

For me, Industria Design is sharing ideas and living our great passions. It's friendship. It's another beast starving for new experiences, for new stories.

Today I share with you this drink which, like Cacho, is a little Argentine, a little Italian.  Fernandito is a popular drink that can be found everywhere, at the match, at concerts, at every bar. 30% Fernet (obviously Branca), 70% Coca Cola and a lot of ice. Salud!